The Story

My name is Tilen Mramor and I am the man behind Morson products. In 2011 I started my journey with a speaker project which gave me an idea of what is needed in the world of audio equipment. Through time, I gained a lot of knowledge, experience and an inspiration for fresh, yet unrealised ideas. Around that time I started studying physics. The theoretical and practical knowledge I got at university helps me understand the electronical components and the dynamic of sound even more in depth. I devoted the last two years of my life to manufacturing and perfecting the BLG sound system, with which I wish to present you luxury and finest music reproduction combined together.

Instead of focusing solely on the technical aspects of speakers, I aim to present music as it is – a constantly present part of our everyday lives. This project means a lot to me, as I truly love music and want to bring my love for it closer and share it with you. It is why I choose to invest a huge chunk of my time and energy into these products and craft most of the components myself to ensure the exceptional quality you deserve. I believe I can, with my attitude but also with your help and contribution, make a change in the way we experience music at home, so we can start enjoying it whole-heartedly.