Production and the detailed description of components


The leather passes quality control so only the best pieces find their way to the production process, the material is then worked on by hand. Leather creates higher frequencies and blunts the bounce of possible stray high frequencies. The brass frames are hand-brushed and hand-polished (it takes 6 and a half hours to process a single frame) to reach total mirror finish. Then, an engraving is added to the already sophisticated and unique product.

To top it off, 24 karat gold is applied to the worked frames, and the precious metal makes this aesthetic product even mightier. The achieved look is absolutely timeless as the leather-gold combination will never go out of style, it is present to give the robust and firm housing of the speakers a sense of elegance and softness.

The heart of the BLG

These are the very basis and the heart of the BLG speaker, vital for everything to function. The high-grade tweeter for treble and powerful bass-mid drivers take care of a natural and organic sound. The electronics are constituted of top quality Mundorf components, connected point-to-point – this type of connectivity and the use of pure 99.99% silver wires ensure a completely lossless signal, and therefore minimise the contact points on which noise may appear.

The crossover contains separated low and high frequency network which enables Bi-wiring the speakers. The drivers complete each other flawlessly, that is why there is as few components present as possible – we stay loyal to effective and elegant minimalism.

The Cabinet

The wood is cut with a CNC woodworking machine, then handcrafted into great detail. It provides excellent dampening properties to ensure the cabinet’s rigidity and optimal firmness. All interior corners are then rounded to minimise the reflections inside the cabinet. Calculated positioning of reinforcements minimises the vibrations from the bass-mid driver, keeping the sound clean and natural. All units are tightened to the framework with the threaded nut screws, which maximise the power to fixate the driver to the cabinet.

The cabinet is delicately put together with glue and all contact points of the surface are carefully examined with an ultrasonic echo technique to make sure it’s all fitting tightly and permanently. The same contact points are further sealed with silicon from the inside. We do our best in trying to produce a long-lasting sound system of the highest standards, so we put in it all our craft. This set of speakers is made with the intention of showing the listeners what we can achieve with care and careful examination of each component.

Delivery and the Experience

We guarantee an immediate possibility of returning the product in the first 30 days. We offer free personal delivery by the manufacturer throughout all countries of the European Union (EU), and he will also help integrate the sound system according to the living space – making sure it is placed in the most optimal place in the room with the best acoustics. During the 45-60 day manufacturing process and delivery, the customer will be regularly informed about the production stage of their BLG speaker (via email).

BLG Stand

To optimally suppress and eliminate redundant vibrations, it is constituted by numerous layers of various materials. The base is cautiously constructed from metal spikes which are tightly screwed to a 10 mm thick iron panel. The entire surface of the board is then covered with a 3 mm thick rubber layer to eliminate unwanted shaking caused by vibrations. On the rubber layer we put a 12 mm thick plywood. The whole base is dressed in leather, which we covered with a 6 mm thick piece of tempered glass. Further, a firm aluminium pillar is screwed into the base construction, then surrounded with beech wood. The contact surface of the aluminium and wood is filled and insured with silicon. The upper panel on which the speaker is standing is screwed onto the wooden vault surrounding the aluminium pillar, this is how the vibrations are oriented and set in motion through three layers.

These layers dampen the unwanted vibrating and ensure an immensely enjoyable listening experience, as close to live performance as possible. Physically, mass also plays a crucial part in dampening the uncomfortable vibrations, which is why our speaker stand with its top quality materials weighs as much as 19 kg. To really make sure our customers are happy and that the speakers combined with this extraordinary speaker stand unlock the whole potential of sound which we are uncovering, the stand is presented with the option of filling it with sand or other fillings. In that case the weight can ascend to more than 23 kg.

BLG Speaker + stands

5250 € / pair

+ VAT *

* 22% VAT is applied for customer in EU, customer outside the EU must pay VAT during import

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